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The MindHut Summer Reading List


Linked, Imogen Howson (available June 11)

Elissa is cool with life, until she starts getting bruises outta nowhere and having hyper-scary visions, which she soon realizes are starting to shape her reality. The visions lead her to Lin, a twin sister she never knew existed, who actually experienced the things that gave Elissa the bruises and nightmares in the first place. Together, they flee a government who, shall we, say, doesn’t bear them good tidings. Think The Bourne Identity meets The Matrix.

Tags: summer vacation, slideshows, summer reading,, stephen king, books-and-comics

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About the Author
Beth Mishler

Beth Mishler is a writer, producer, and pop culture connoisseur who has a weakness for the Whedonverse and all things sci-fi. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Beth currently lives in The Plains, Ohio, where she freelances, makes documentaries, and watches a kazillion hours of TV per week while anxiously awaiting the release of George R.R. Martin's next novel.

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