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Which Fantasy World Would You Live In?

Which Fantasy World Would You Live In?

Be it ever so humble and orc-ridden, there’s no place like your fantasy homeland. But with so many worlds, realms, and planets out there, it can be a bit overwhelming when the time comes to decide where you’d like to plant your roots. Can you put up with the unforgiving and nearly endless winters of Westeros? Or do the swords and sorcery that come with living in Middle-earth sound more enticing? Don’t delay, take our quiz and book an appointment with your fantasy real estate agent today!

1) Describe your ideal location in one sentence.

a) A place where summer just seems to last forever. (1 point)

b) A place where ancient myth and fairy tales come together. (2 points)

c) A place of adventure that’s breathtaking as it is dangerous. (3 points)

d) A place among the stars. (4 points)

e) A place that defies explanation with surprises at every turn. (5 points)

2) What’s the one downside to your ideal location?

a) An omnipotent empire ruled by a powerful madman. (4 points)

b) Gosh darn ice zombies that don’t understand the meaning of “stay dead.” (1 point)

c) This tall crazy lady that can be a real ice queen. (2 points)

d) A queen with a backwards concept of law and order. (5 points)

e) There’s this giant flaming eye of tremendous evil that never blinks. (3 points)

3) What are you looking for in your neighbors?

a) Quiet, laid-back folk that can whip up a mean breakfast. (3 points)

b) People of a fun, extroverted sort that enjoy a fine cup of tea. (5 points)

c) Neighbors from the upper echelons of galactic society. (4 points)

d) I want to live next door to a bunch o’ freaking animals! (2 points)

e) Neighbors that know family comes first (most of the time). (1 point)

4) Which local recreational activity sounds the most appealing to you?

a) Croquet games... that somehow run afoul of animal welfare laws. (5 points)

b) Jousting tournaments! (1 point)

c) Riding through the woods on a talking horse. (2 points)

d) Nightclubs, casinos, and performing arts theaters? Sounds good to me. (4 points)

e) Traveling on foot for months just to chuck an evil tchotchke into a volcano. (3 points)

5) Where in your new homeland would you spend your vacation?

a) Why confine myself here when there’s so many other planets to vacation on? (4 points)

b) Chilling with the elves at Lindon. (3 points)

c) The way things are where I want to live, the vacation probably comes to you. (5 points)

d) I’ve heard that The Reach is beautiful this time of year. (1 point)

e) Castle Cair Paravel—tell ‘em Aslan sent ya! (2 points)

Add up your total points and divide by five—be sure to round down. Now find your result!

1) Westeros

With its summers that last for years and gorgeous natural splendor, Westeros is the ideal location for those wanting to live in a world that isn’t steeped far too deep in fantasy. Yet it satisfies the desire for the medieval lifestyle. Just don’t get too attached, though, winter is coming and it lasts for quite some time...

2) Narnia

For the individual who indulges in reading the stories from ancient myth and the fairy tales of the western world, Narnia is the one place where these tales are reality, converging to create a land unlike any other. A minor caveat: Don’t stray too far from the beaten paths as evil still lurks in this realm of childhood imagination.

3) Middle-earth

Middle-earth isn’t too disparate from Westeros, but where dragons, giants, and hordes of the undead are uncommon—if not dismissed entirely as myth—all those aforementioned creatures and more commonly walk this particular earth. If the blood of a heroic adventurer courses through your veins, Middle-earth is no doubt your homeland of choice. Don’t bother looking for adventure, however, since it sometimes has the habit of finding you.

4) Coruscant

An expansive metropolis that covers the entire face of a planet, Coruscant takes all the glitz, glamor, and entertainment of cities in the real world and combines them into one breathtaking whole—all of it taking place in a galaxy far, far away. Still, the planet has its dark side. Emperor Palpatine resides in the Imperial Palace, while abject poverty and crime runs rampant throughout Coruscant’s lower sectors.

5) Wonderland

Are you infamous for your spontaneity and unpredictable nature? Then you need a place that can keep up with someone like you—and Wonderland certainly fits the bill! There’s crazy fun to be found around every corner, yet sometimes a surprise can be something more than you bargained for.

Tell us your result in the comments!

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