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Deleted Scenes You Haven't Seen!

Deleted Scenes You Haven't Seen!

Have you ever watched a film and, afterwards, wondered about everything that was left on the cutting room floor? Like, maybe there was some totally shocking or crazy alternate plot twist that got abandoned, for better or worse? What if, in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indiana had decided to let his father die and instead drank from the cup of immortal life himself, causing him to be an invincible, whip-welding, cave exploring bad ass archeologist? While we have no evidence that a scene like that exists, we have compiled our favorite deleted scenes from movies that you know and love, that might just shock the pants off you. So, hold onto your pants, 'cause here they come!

Lord of the Rings - Death of Saruman.

If memory serves us correctly, in the Lord of the Rings trilogy they don’t really tie things up with the original Whitebeard-turned-traitor. He is kept prisoner in that tower of his, guarded by giant walking trees. Not a bad way to it end it, we suppose, but we much prefer the way things end in this deleted scene. With ringworm (or whatever that creepy dude’s name is) giving Saruman a couple of stabs in the back before he stumbles off the tower and faces the justice that’s been waiting for him ever since he decided to side with the great and evil eye.

Alien- Cocoon Scene

Oh man, if there was ever a scene to keep in a movie it’s this one. Not only is it a truly gruesome, horrific scene, but it actually reveals some information about the alien’s developmental stage. Apparently, the alien needs a human wrapped in goo and to be in agonizing pain in order for it to grow. Or something like that. We’re not too clear about the whole thing. The only thing we are clear on is the fact that Ripley’s friend is begging for sweet death after the horrors he has been subjected to be the unaccountably cruel alien. How could you not leave that in??

Titanic- Alternative Ending

Remember when that old, feeble woman told her entire story about being on Titanic, and you kept waiting for her to give up the location of the giant diamond, but she never does, and then finally at the very end of the movie, it’s revealed she’s had it the entire time? And then you’re like, “OK finally. Now all she has to do is give it to Bill Paxton, because he’s been very patient with you and you should reward-“ but before you got to finish your thought, she dumps the priceless diamond into the deep blue. Remember how mad that made you? Wouldn’t you like to see the characters in the film react in the same way you would? Well, now you can! With this alternative ending, the old lady chucks in the diamond while everyone's watching. How mad does everyone get? Pretty darn mad. But don’t take our word for it. Watch the alternative ending and see for yourself.

We especially love Bill Paxton's weird, maniacal laughter at the end.

What movie ending would you like to see an alternate to?

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