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This My Little Pony Art is Magic!

For My Loving Grandmother - Happy 70th Birthday

This is one of our faves, and it just turns our hearts to mush. We have to share with you what Tyler had to say about it:

"Grandma, you've been patiently waiting for the last two years for a picture from me. In that time, I've gone through idea after idea after idea, improving all the while. I never wanted to draw this before, because I was afraid of my lack of skill at the time. I wanted to do this when I was finally comfortable enough with my skills. And now here it is  I knew how tiger dragons were your favorite kind of animal, so I drew you as one, while I am the little pony giving you an awesome hug."

Tags: art, my little pony, fan art, my little pony: friendship is magic, deviantart

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