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OMG, This Is a Music Video SHOT IN SPACE!!!

OMG, This Is a Music Video SHOT IN SPACE!!!

Astronauts are often referred to as rock stars of the science and aeronautical community, but Commander Chris Hadfield actually is one. In this unbelievable video, filmed over the course of his five month stay in a floating international space station, Hadfield re-imagines one of rock's most beloved songs, David Bowie's "Space Oddity."

Now until this point we've been holding back our excitement in order to convey to you the actual story here, but a gratuitous use of caps and exclamation points is clearly in order here, THIS IS A MUSIC VIDEO SHOT IN OUTER SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IN THE NAME OF ALL CREATURES BIG AND SMALL, THIS IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS WEVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!  OH, MY GOD, THIS ISN'T A FIGMENT OF OUR COLLECTIVE IMAGINATIONS, IT REALLY EXISTS!!!!! HOLY FREAKING SMOKES!!!!! THAT IS INSANE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, we just had to get that out. We're not the only ones excited about this though. Rock legend David Bowie himself tweeted it to the world recently saying "CHRIS HADFIELD SINGS SPACE ODDITY IN SPACE!, hello space boy!" Evidently we're not the only one going heavy on the caps!

Go ahead and watch it for yourself. It's not just cool conceptually, it's visually stunning, the camera work is truly ingenious, and Hadfield actually has a pretty excellent voice.

"He's brought space back not just for Canadians, but for the world," said fellow Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen to NBC News recently, and we couldn't agree more.

What song do you want to see performed in space?

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