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Where To Find Yer Geeky T-Shirts!

Where To Find Yer Geeky T-Shirts!

If you love all things nerd, then your tee shirt collection should be pretty epic. After all, there are so many great geeky tee shirt websites out there, how can you not have an amazing collection?

Wait. You don't have an awesome tee shirt collection? You, in fact, own close to zero nerdy tee shirts?? WHO ARE YOU??? Fear not, Masterminds. If this is your predicament, we have the solution. Without further ado, let us present the Top 5 nerd tee shirt websites.

1) BustedTees (

BustedTees is a pretty awesome tee shirt website from the minds of the guys that came up with They have a pretty wide range of tee shirts, and not all of them are nerdy. But the ones that are? Well, they're pretty epic. Check out this Science tee shirt, reminiscent of the one Sheldon wears on The Big Bang Theory. Or if Game of Thrones is more your style, this video game character tee shirt is definitely worth looking at. And if you really want to blow someone's mind? How about this Star Trek shirt....WRITTEN IN THE STAR WARS FONT!

2) Out of Print Clothing (

This one's for the book nerds out there. Out of Print has taken classic book covers and printed them onto tee shirts. Not only is it literary awesomeness, but for every item sold from their store, they donate a book to Books for Africa. Pretty cool, huh? They have this whole Gatsby thing going on right now (including a Gatsby video game you should check out), but if you're Gatsby-d out, check out their other shirts! A Wrinkle in Time, anyone?

3) ThinkGeek (

ThinkGeek is pretty much a one-stop shop for everything nerd. Their stuff is legendary; there's a reason the site's tagline is "Stuff for smart masses." If you're looking exclusively at tee shirts, though, they still have a pretty wide selection, and every single shirt they have is pretty incredible. Take this Trust Me, I'm the Doctor tee shirt. How could any Doctor Who fan not want that? Or are you more of a video game fan? In that case you should definitely look at this Crest of Hyrule tee shirt. No matter what you revel in, ThinkGeek will have a nerdy tee shirt to satisfy you.

4) Shirt.Woot (

The selection at Shirt.Woot changes pretty regularly, but you can be assured that they'll have at least a couple of shirts to suit your nerdy tastes. The idea behind the site is that shirts are featured on the main page for a limited time (and a low price). Once they move off the main page, they'll remain available as long as people keep buying them. Wil Wheaton has designed tee shirts for Shirt.Woot, one of which (How We Roll) is still available. If that's not your style, how about this pretty spectacular Nerd Happens tee shirt?

5) RedBubble (

RedBubble is a less-known but still awesome site. They have a lot of unique and clever designs for more than just tee shirts, but their shirts are amazing amounts of fun. Try this Lord of the Rings-derived Keep Calm and Destroy the Ring tee shirt. Or how about Eat. Sleep. Game.? Harry Potter, Fringe, even Pinky and the Brain. They've got it all.

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