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Geeky Girl Glam: Uhura

Tinted Moisturizer

YOU GUYS. I have freckles! It’s a miracle!

Okay, so it’s not much, but I’ll take it. I literally asked for freckles in my bedtime prayers as a kid just because I thought they were so adorable. After a few days in the sun, it finally happened, and you can bet your buttons I’m not covering them up!

I prefer tinted moisturizers in the summer because my skin tans so easily. Tinted moisturizers are usually sheer enough to blend into ever-changing summer skin, saving me the pain of re-matching my foundation every time I go gator-wrestling (because that’s what Floridians do, obviously).

I also used a highlighting concealer under the eyes. It doesn’t really cover much, but it does brighten, and that’s what we’re going for.

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