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10 More Terrifying Real Life Monsters

Japanese Hornet

It's only fitting that the land which brought us Godzilla, the world's largest fire-breathing lizard, would bring us these giant hornets, the world's most terrifying buzzing beast on two wings. These enormous insects are also known in their native Japan as yak killers, and no, it's not because they destroy a good conversation, it's because they kill yaks! They also kill humans too, up to thirty to forty a year, mostly the elderly and infants, but if a typical healthy human were stung by enough of them, it could certainly be lethal.

For those that don't perish, the sting is still excruciating and has been described as "like having a molten hot spike driven into your skin!" They show even less mercy to their sister species, with their enormous mandibles, other bees don't stand a chance. These formidable attackers can decapitate up to forty honey bees during a nest attack in less than a minute, making the murderous despots on Game of Thrones look like Teletubbies in comparison.

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