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Top 10 Nerdiest Twitter Accounts

Top 10 Nerdiest Twitter Accounts

Unable to stomach yet another tweet about what your friends had for lunch? Or anything that ends in the hashtag #YOLO, for that matter? Seriously, there's only so much that any sane person can take. That's why, for the sake of our collective sanity, we've compiled this list of 10 nerdy Twitter accounts you need to follow—and add some nerd-approved variety the next time you're bombarded with mindless tweets!

1) @Grumpy_Dr_Doom

Even egocentric leaders of rogue nations hellbent on subjugating the world population need an outlet for their personal opinions—and Latveria's own Dr. Doom is certainly no exception. The Marvel Universe's favorite metallic madman dispenses grouchy witticisms as only a super villain can. Plus, his tendency to preface each and every one of his tweets with "bah!" is pretty funny stuff.

2) @CobraCommander

When he isn't bungling his latest mission or ordering his troops to retreat (which is, sadly, quite often), the 1980s' most notorious fictitious terrorist leader, Cobra Commander, is tweeting about the world and popular culture issues that affect us all... from the macabre, caustic viewpoint of a would-be world conqueror, of course.

3) @DeathStarPR

Blowing up an entire planet—among other things on a long list of gross political malfeasance—is the sort of blunder that can send one's public relations reputation swirling down the toilet. In an effort to save face, the men and women in charge of repairing the Empire's lackluster public image created @DeathStarPR, of which will hopefully quash those nasty rumors about their supposedly murdering two Tatooine moisture farmers in cold blood.

4) @DarthVader

For a fella imprisoned within what essentially amounts to a mobile life support system, Darth Vader's tweets are unusually chipper and playfully sarcastic. Hey, when life suddenly decides to light you on fire, sometimes you have to laugh in order to combat the crippling emotional turmoil.

5) @TheBatman

We're not complaining about DC Comics'—if not the world's—greatest superhero gracing the Twitter community with his presence, but given his near-paranoiac attention to personal secrecy and remaining hidden in the shadows, doesn't having a Twitter account conflict with his MO? We'll send Alfred a DM about that.

6) @neiltyson

Question: How many astrophysicists do you know that have over one million Twitter followers, a legion of devotees that hang on every one of his insightful words, and an internet meme made in his image? None. Now, go follow Neil deGrasse Tyson on Twitter!

7) @AgentM

Marvel's Executive Editorial Director, Ryan Penagos (a.k.a. "Agent M"), is the personification of the French expression "joie de vivre": a guy whose love for his job is rivaled only by his eagerness to tell the world about everything new coming out of Marvel Entertainment. So if you're looking for a veritable wellspring of Marvel news, look no further than @AgentM!

8) @neilhimself

Neil Gaiman is perhaps one of the most renowned and prolific writers of our time that hails from across the pond. To that end, you can't call yourself a proper nerd if you don't follow him on Twitter. And what's a better source of all things Gaiman than tweets straight from the man himself?

9) @TheRealStanLee

Let's put this into perspective: Stan Lee is the man that, over 50 years ago, made cinematic blockbusters like The Avengers, Thor, and Iron Man possible today. 'Nuff said, true believers!

10) @JerkSuperman

Is it really any surprise that the last thing a humanoid alien with superhuman strength and the ability to fly and shoot concentrated lasers from his eyes would ever be is an exemplar of humility? Not really, but entitled jerk or not, we're still going to follow Superman on Twitter. And you should too... or face his deciding to turn a blind eye to your falling off a building.

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