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BBC's In the Flesh Messed With Our Minds, Man!

BBC's In the Flesh Messed With Our Minds, Man!

BBC America

We're all about at saturation level with zombies, right? Anytime Brad Pitt stars in a movie about anything that's a surefire sign the fad is in mid shark-jump. We've even had a zombie romance movie. But what about a movie that tackles the totally practical idea of "curing" zombies with medication? Leave it to the BBC to get all scientific up in our reanimated grills. They're releasing a three night event (didn't that used to be called a mini-series?) called In the Flesh, and it looks SO. FRIGGIN. GOOD. Put this trailer in your eyeballs:

- Complacency in a post-zombie-apocalypse deserted supermarket = you're dead.
- Riding a shopping cart in a post-zombie-apocalypse deserted supermarket = you deserve to be dead.
- Yep. Prom queen eating brains, lights out, and cue screaming death.
- WHOA. A flash back from a recovering zombie? This is NOT your father's Walking Dead!
- I know they'd eat my face, but these zombies have the dreamiest eyes.
- You know he's a doctor because he's balding and has a beard.
- Oh yeah. He's having vivid, heart attack inducing nightmares about eating people. He's TOTES ready to go home.
- A Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferer. BRILLIANT!
- An institutionalized, seemingly experimental treatment to cure the undead? What could possibly go wrAAAAGHHH... A ZOMBIE'S EATING MY NECK... gurgle gurgle...

Just kidding. The zombie's eating my hand. Just the left one, though, so I can finish typing this before I sic him on a coworker instead. We're going to watch In the Flesh to figure out if this little guy is worth saving!

In the Flesh premieres tonight at 10 on BBC America.

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