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5 Hilarious Makeup Videos You've Got to See

5 Hilarious Makeup Videos You've Got to See

If you’re a Geeky Girl Glam reader, you know that I get really into makeup. You know, REALLY into makeup. It’s always important to realize, however, that makeup is only face paint, and fashion is a bunch of elaborate variations on the classic loin cloth. Just in case you ever feel bogged down by that foolish pressure to be pretty, I've gathered a few funny videos to bring you back down to earth in regards to the beauty industry.

Makeup in 10 Seconds

No time to primp in the morning before school? These girls feel your pain, but girl number three has the perfect solution for an on-the-go routine. Just keep an ice pack handy.

Free Makeup Prank

This is a classic prank, and if you’re a makeup nut, you've thought about doing this once or twice to some unfortunate, unsuspecting friends. Don’t lie, you know you have!

Ellen and Sofia Vergara Are CoverGirls

CoverGirls are always so perfect, so glamorous, right? Not so much! We like it that way. Perfection is just so humdrum, but a haphazard look of color splashed across the face is fearlessly unique. No one else is making bold style statements like that these days!

Silly Dove Men + Care Commercial

This isn't exactly makeup related, but it's a rather fitting jab at the beauty industry. Dove is known for rethinking advertisements, but this one made me laugh out loud. I, for one, have had my fill of hair care ad clichés (I’ve tried tying my hair in strength-testing knots before, Garnier, and it’s not cute!).

Thankfully, this ad seems to be sick of those clichés too.

Zoelle Does Makeup

Zoella is a popular YouTube beauty guru with a channel blooming with beauty tips and product recommendations. Is it her ruby red lips or her trademark cat eyes we love best? Neither. It’s her goofy antics in videos such as this, featuring a full face of makeup on her friend Alfie. All who think I should do this to Josh, say aye!

What is the most embarrassing makeup mishap you've ever had?

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