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5 Sci-Fi Inventions that Would Be Totes Dangerous if They Were Real

5 Sci-Fi Inventions that Would Be Totes Dangerous if They Were Real

So this guy recently posted a video of his homemade lightsaber, in which he uses it to burn up pieces of paper, tape, cardboard and some weird liquid that burns green. (Goblin Soul Juice? We have no idea.)

We can't help but think how dangerous having a lightsaber on your kitchen floor is. What if 1) you sneezed, 2) the lightsaber lights your flying booger mist on fire, 3) flying flaming booger mist gets all over your arms and 4) you can't tell anyone how you got those burns.

Here's 5 other inventions that look awesome in movies, but would in reality be way too dangerous.

Hyperspace/warp speed/faster-than-light travel. First, let's all agree that Star Trek Into Darkness was awesome. Second, let's think about the part where the Enterprise gets knocked out of warp by the Evil Enterprise (or whatever that big black ship was called). Imagine real quick: at warp 3, you're going 27 times the speed of light (according to And that's actually pretty slow compared to speeds the Enterprise can do. So if they get knocked out of warp, the inertia would be so great, the least that would happen is their insides would fly through their skin. If we ever invent warp speed, our space crews would need to do some serious buckling up.

Flying cars and hoverboards. People have imagined high-flying transportation for over a hundred years, without thinking about how every radio tower and power line in the country would be in trouble. Also, every single thing that you hate about cars—how much they cost, how unsafe they are—would be worse if they were flying.

Teleporter. Think about the concept of the teleporter—your molecular structure, your DNA is turned into information and you're then reconstructed from that information on the other side. Would you even be you anymore? Or just a copy of you? Philosophy aside, think about terrorism for a minute. You could teleport a bomb right into the White House. Or Times Square. Or anywhere.

Virtual reality. Welcome to the future; you can imagine anything and the holodeck will make it seem exactly like reality. But when you can ride a bear in an Iron Man suit to work (where you wrestle young women all day) and you play Magic: The Gathering with Thomas Edison and everywhere you walk the ground lights up like a night club dance floor... why do you even care what happens in the real world anymore?

Wormholes. Since faster-than-light travel seems highly unlikely with our current knowledge of the laws of physics, the only other way to visit far-off galaxies that we know of is the wormhole. Unfortunately, even if we could create a wormhole, any object passing through the wormhole would probably cause it to collapse. However, say you could go through. Imagine this opposite end belching out light and energy: it's going to fry anything hanging around the wormhole.

What sci-fi invention freaks you out the most?

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