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Blogging Vampire Diaries: Family Ties

Blogging Vampire Diaries: Family Ties

The CW

Four episodes in and the show is starting to kick things up! The preceding episodes have been plagued by a lot of not that much going on until the last few minutes. This time we get brother-on-brother poisoning, super-jerk-face parenting, and a secret anti-vampire cabal! Let's catch some VD! (As always, spoilers through episode 4 follow, and time stamps correspond to Netflix instant watch.)

So far every named episode of the series has been a callback to another tv show or movie, so we are hoping that this episode title refers to the 1980s Michael J. Fox sitcom about a conservative teen growing up in a liberal household--but with vampires.

2:30 Oh my God! How fun would it be to be able to just throw a knife in your brother's heart whenever you're mad at him? (Without having to go to jail and face the death penalty and all that?)

4:00 John Varvatos name drop. (Do you suppose they were paid for that?)

6:00 Aww yeah! Stefan just got invited to a history party. In the last three episodes he served some history beat downs, and we have high hopes for where this episode is gonna end up.

7:30 Tehee, twilight burn. Although if an evil character hates the series that's not as righteous as if a good character does, right?

10:00 Which is more powerful—a vampire's mental abilities or the natural desire of a teenager to gossip with friends?

11:00 “Uncle” Zack seems like an underused, but relatively interesting character idea. He’s fully integrated into the secrets going on, but helpless to fight back. He’s sort of a less crazy Renfield.

13:00 Vervain is the secret anti-vampire herb? We were going to make fun of that (since it’s a significantly common plant in North America), but the more we research vervain (or verbena, as it’s more commonly called), the more we learn it’s actually a pretty historically accurate evil-fighting herb. Learning and growing with Vampire Diaries.

15:00 These people have remarkably white teeth.

15:30 And Damon is remarkably ripped.

22:00 They just leave the guns laying around on the shelf, huh? We feel like Chekhov would have something to say.

24:00 Was the Mystic Falls town charter drafted in medieval Europe somewhere?

27:45 "That's what you get when you bring the trash into the party." Do people really talk like this? If so why don't more people punch their parents?

28:20 If Bonnie can start fires with her mind this is going be a party.

31:30 Holy crap, Elena just flipped 180 from supportive and friendly girlfriend to accusative harpy in like 90 seconds. We're hoping that has supernatural roots, because that's pretty creepy.

34:00 Cheese fries won over the aunt. Another 180.

35:30 Setting things on fire with your mind (but only when you look away and don’t concentrate on them) seems like a singularly hazardous power to have.

36:20 Another real world dilemma: what would you do if you discovered your friend had a bunch of horrifying looking bite marks on her?

39:40 Nice! At about 10 minutes before the end of every episode Damon seems to attack somebody, and finally a character has noticed that and made use of it.

41:40 Best moment of the series so far! There's a vampire-hunting club in town. Now we're getting somewhere!

What were your favorite (or most groan-inducing) moments of the episode?

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