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Great Twists and Shocks in Fantasy and Sci-Fi

 Great Twists and Shocks in Fantasy and Sci-Fi

We know that the biggest shocking twist of all time happens near the end of The Empire Strikes Back. But everyone already knows about that one! So, despite the likelihood of fanboys making callous remarks about us in the comment section here is our list of the great twists and shocks in fantasy and sci-fi. Sans Empire.


I am Legend

In the book I am Legend, it is assumed through most of the book that the main character, Robert, is the good guy because he is the only human left on Earth and he’s surrounded by mindless, bloodsucking vampires. We mean, unless this guy is the next incarnation of Hitler, he’s gotta be a good guy, right? Well, it turns out there are certain people who see him as Hitler, or even worse. These people are vampires, but they are not the mindless vampires that Robert is used to; they are a different breed that can think and speak, and even feel emotions. All in all, they’re not too bad, except for the drinking blood thing, of course. Anyway, in their minds, it’s the main character who is the evil monster, he is the legend who has made their world an unsafe place to live in. So they kill the evildoer, and live happily ever after in their vampire world.

Ender’s Game

Throughout the book, Little Ender is forced to “play” war games with his peers at the prestigious, and brutal, space military academy he attends. He becomes so good at these games that they make him start playing simulations, where he practices fighting the A.I. fleets of the enemy, the bug. But then at the very end he discovers that it was no simulation at all. He was fighting the real enemy the whole time! In a way, this is an almost positive twist to the story, considering that his years at the academy pretty much destroyed his entire childhood, it was nice to know that that sacrifice accomplished something.

Game Of Thrones

If you don’t watch the show, but have friends that do, you probably noticed a lot of them crying into their lunch bags for the past week. This is because they just discovered one of the greatest shocks in fantasy history. Good guy King Robert and his mother Catelyn, and his pregnant wife Talisa, are ambushed at a wedding and brutally killed. It’s sad, it’s twisted, and it’s one of the greatest shocks in storytelling history.

Blade Runner

Harrison Ford, the bounty Hunter who’s job it is to hunt down replicas, turns out to be a replica himself! Dun! Dun! Dun!

…Or maybe not, depending upon the version you watch. In the original theatrical version, the ending is ambiguous. However, in the director’s cut, it seems very likely that good ol’ Harrison is a machine. In any case, we think it’s rather nice to have two different versions of a film like this. One with a traditional ending, for the weak hearted bunch, and one with a nice good SHOCK, for those who can handle it.

Planet of the Apes (2001)

In this ridiculous remake, Tim Burton provided quite a shock for his viewers when they find out that when Mark Whalberg leaves the Ape Planet and returns to Earth, he is returning to an Earth that where humans have been replaced with the same monkey men he left behind on the last planet. How is that possible? Good question! Sometimes the best shocks are the ones that don’t make sense (although that is certainly not true in this case).

What movie shocked you recently?

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