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Two Spocks Together in One Commercial

Two Spocks Together in One Commercial

If you're a Star Trek fan, old or new, get ready to have your mind blown. Sure, these two shared the screen in the Star Trek reboot, but haven't you always wanted to see both Spocks just palling around? Playing online Vulcan chess? Racing each other to the country club?

Of course you have! And now you can in this extended Audi commercial which will make you tear up with laughter and glee!

Our favorite moments:
- Kind of totally loving Lenny's long locks. Sorta weird, but he's making it work.
- OF COURSE Nimoy's rocking out to his weird 1970s hit "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins!" Don't think it's a real song? Oh, it is.
- A callback to Wrath of Khan is ALWAYS appreciated.
- Clearly, the new Spock hasn't mastered the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.
- Fascinating, indeed!

Which old and new cast members do you want to see get together in a video?

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