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16 Reasons Not To Go Into the Water... EVER!

Whale Shark

The whale shark does not have a lot in common with the majority of its various predatory brothers; it's slow moving, its teeth are neither sharp nor particularly large, nor has it ever been known to ever attack humans, BUT OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THAT FREAKY GAPING MOUTH!!! Yes, the whale shark feeds by opening that disturbingly large hole for hours at a time allowing macro-aglae, plankton, krill, and crab larvae to pass into its enormous body. So yeah, they aren't ferocious killers, and they're even known to allow divers to climb aboard and catch a ride, but would you want to risk the chance of one of these things swimming along and getting sucked into that enormous pie-hole? I mean it's never happened in the history of man, but there's always gotta be a first time!

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