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The Creepiest Videos on YouTube

The Creepiest Videos on YouTube

Immersing yourself in a heedless YouTube video marathon can be a dangerous game if you aren’t paying attention. One minute, you’re watching some fat guy’s failed—yet no less hilarious—rooftop swan dive into the pool. The next, it’s a creepy, sleep-depriving video that, like unto a car crash, one is powerless to turn their attention away from. So if the idea of a pleasant night’s rest doesn’t sound like your kind of thing (all the best stuff happens when you’re wide awake anyway), here are 5 creepy YouTube videos guaranteed to keep the Sandman away!

The Ghost Car

Man’s law? You don’t honestly believe that ghosts are shackled by the chains of man’s law?! Of course not, mortals hold no jurisdiction in the afterlife—it’s a widely known fact, by the way. And because of the long arm of the law’s inability to reach into the spiritual plane, ghosts like to obnoxiously flaunt their legal immunity with high-speed car chases—that’s another widely known fact too. Police are still baffled as to how the mystery driver was able to effortlessly elude them with his chilling through-the-fence Houdini act. And till this day there aren’t any new leads on the individual’s identity, but we have it on good authority (a.k.a. the creepy janitor hanging out in the stairwell) that it’s Casper. He was never quite the same after his 1995 breakup with Christina Ricci...

Headless Ghost

It’s hard deciding whether or not to believe that the headless ghost in the video (he [it?] appears at the 2:10 mark) is real or a very elaborate hoax—and that one of the kids in the group is an absolute whiz at Final Cut Pro. Regardless of our indecision, there is one thing that substantiates the possibility that it could be an actual specter caught on camera. Ghost-hunting experts would say that, oftentimes, the presence of a spirit—whether it be a full-bodied apparition or disembodied voice—isn’t noticed until reviewing the video evidence, explaining why the kids in the video are oddly unaware of its sudden manifestation and echoing moan.

Blockbuster Video Ghost

Ghosts are particularly choosy when it comes to video formats, with such discerning tastes typically coupled with their love for the warm fuzzies that come from nostalgia. So you can imagine that when Blockbuster cleared out their VHS library to make way for DVDs, plenty of ghosts were left feeling pretty bitter over it. And in an act of non-violent protest, one spectral anarchist decided to make a late-night Blockbuster employee’s menial task of stocking the DVD shelves more difficult, and creepier, than it should be. Thankfully, the employee in question won't be bothered by vengeful spirits in the foreseeable future, since Netflix pretty much buried the erstwhile franchise six feet under.

Robert the Doll

The frightening history of Robert the Doll is, for the sake of space, too expansive to recount—though we encourage you to read it for a bit of paranoid insomnia. But, in summation, Robert is a century-old doll inhabited by a malevolent voodoo spirit. Nowadays, the little guy resides within the collection of the Ft. East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida, with visitors swearing he moves at times in his glass display case. Don’t believe it? Fast forward to the 0:55 mark and, while ignoring your heart beating like a frightened hummingbird, look into Robert’s lifeless, inky eyes. Did you watch him (allegedly) blink? Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

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