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14 Animals That Changed the World

Bucephalus, Conquering Warhorse

There are several impressive mythological horses (Unicorns! Pegasus!), but the real life Bucephalus gives them all a run for their money. Large, black, and adorned with a dazzling white star on his forehead, Bucephalus was definitely the Black Stallion 1.0. That's why none other than Alexander the Great became so interested in him. As the legend goes, Bucephalus was manic, untamed, and terrified of his own shadow, so nobody was all that interested him despite his impressive size. But Alexander soothed him by leading him directly into the sunlight so that his shadow was cast behind him, and Bucephalus was forever after loyal to the legendary Macedonian king. Together, they conquered half the known world, and when Bucephalus passed on, Alexander named a whole region after his loyal steed.

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