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14 Animals That Changed the World

Congo, the Artiste

Since the publication of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species, there has been massive interest in humanity's relationship to our cousins, the Great apes. Congo, a chimpanzee with a talent for abstract impressionist art, only increased the fascination. Born in 1954, Congo began painting at the age of two, and had produced over 400 works of art by the time he turned four. And they were really, really good. Brain-bustingly good. Picasso himself was a fan of Congo's paintings, and displayed them in his studio that's how awesome this chimp was at art. Congo made it clear that chimps are emotionally intelligent, artistically creative, and capable of symbolic logic. The human/ape relationship has been "evolving" (hardy har) rapidly ever since. For more fantastic simian artwork, check out our slideshow of gorilla artwork, by Koko and Michael.

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