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The Science of Man of Steel: The Good, The Bad, and The Iffy

The Bad: Rough Space Landing

Lois Lane evacuates Zod's ship in a capsule, but her escape gets treacherous after the Kryptonians shoot her down. So begins a dangerous re-entry to Earth's atmosphere, during which she appears to be engulfed in flames, but not even a little bit harmed by them. Even if we forgive that, turns out there's more preposterousness to come. Superman drags her out of the capsule mere yards above where it lands, and we see the blowback of the impact hit her right in her face. Moments later, Superman is staring meaningfully at that face, and we are wondering how she still possess it. What, is Lois flame retardant? Also: given all the jostling, we definitely think she would have hurled at some point. Sure, it might have ruined the romantic moment, but it could have provided a much needed laugh amidst all the purposeful gazing.

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