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The Science of Man of Steel: The Good, The Bad, and The Iffy

The Iffy: Storing a Codex Genetically

Jor-El reveals that the Codex, which contains all the genetic information of the once-great Kryptonian civilization, is encoded into Superman's DNA. It's a neat idea, but how the Kal-El does that work? We're onboard with Kryptonian infants being engineered in the Genesis Chamberthat seems half-plausible, especially for a technologically advanced world. But how are a bunch of random genomes fused with Superman's DNA without interfering with his bodily systems? Are they lasered onto atavisms? Or is he literally some kind of unholy genetic hybrid of all the families of Krypton? And how would the Codex be extracted and made into a civilization again? We're rarely fans of more exposition, but please hologram Jor-El, throw us a bone (preferably not that old skull).

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