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The Gorgeous Fantasy Sculptures of Ellen Jewett

Artist Ellen Jewett makes "creatures" so intricate and evocative that they need to be seen to be believed. She has a magnificent Etsy shop named Creatures From El along with a DeviantArt gallery, where all kinds of magical beings roam, looking as if they were pulled straight out of a Medieval fairy tale or a Miyazaki film. Much of Jewett's work is custom order, and she's always releasing new pieces. You can see her sculptures for yourself if you live in Santa Monica, CA (at the Copra Gallery), Muskoka, Ontario (at the Two Horse Gallery) or at the World Fantasy Con in San Antonio, TX (August 29th-September 2nd of this year). For everyone else: here is a slideshow of our favorite creatures which one stands out to you?

Tags: fantasy, cool things, etsy, deviantart, sculptures

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