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Uh... Did You Guys Know About The LEGO MOVIE!?!?

Uh... Did You Guys Know About The LEGO MOVIE!?!?

Warner Brothers

What the WHO!? Yes! A Lego movie! And there's a trailer for it and it's making us very, very, very happy! No more words! Time for video!

AH! Yay! Whoa... had to check to make sure I didn't turn 4 all of a sudden. Some super serious adult thoughts now:

- Of COURSE Chris Pratt (Parks and Rec) is the voice of a Lego man! That makes so much sense, it almost makes me think he actually is a Lego man. Hmm... note to self: try to break off a piece of Chris Pratt's arm if you ever meet him.
- Morgan Freeman. He's defs made of Legos. Been a Hollywood rumor for years.
- I STILL OWN 1980-SOMETHING SPACE GUY! He's the best. Actually, he's a little moody.
- Please, PLEASE say there's going to be a Two-Michelangelos double team on the bad guy at some point!
- Honestly, that's kind of what I thought lasers were when I was little. OKAY, UNTIL LAST WEEK.
- "I only work in black... and sometimes very, very dark grey." Peed self.
- That's exactly how I talk to girls. Only more so.

If someone told us "There's gonna be a Lego movie," we'd say, "That's dumb." Except for this trailer. And it's made us so glad. Can't wait to get home and break out the old bag o' bricks!

And the Legos, too.

What did you think of the trailer?

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