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5 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Tape

5 Unbelievable Moments Caught on Tape

A wise man once said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's true, then a video is worth TEN MILLION. We have scoured the web for the craziest moments caught on tape and we have stacked them neatly in a row. Enjoy the insanity of the 5 most unbelievable moments ever caught on tape!

1) Car Misses Train

You wouldn’t think so, but railroad crossing accidents number in the triple digits each year. And while the reasons behind these disasters vary, motorist impatience is typically number one on the list. Rarely are reckless drivers like the one in this video fortunate enough to make it across in one piece, so do try to remember that the next time you’re speeding to McDonald’s before they stop serving breakfast. Oh, and DON'T. TRY THIS. AT HOME.

2) Runaway Bus Almost Hits Pedestrian

Look, Mr. Bus Driver-Man, we know your job isn’t glamorous, commuters are—intrinsically—obnoxious, and no one can grasp the simple concept of standing behind the white line. We’re not denying that. But disregarding traffic laws and nearly creaming a fleet-footed business man really isn’t the best way of venting your frustrations. Glad we were able to talk about this like civil adults.

3) Man Gets Sucked into Jet Engine

Just so none of you fine folks at home worry your pretty little heads, the crewman—J.D. Bridges—sucked into the engine of the A-6 Intruder jet actually survived his horrific ordeal, even in light of the small explosion that followed and his fellow crew members expecting the worst. Fortunately, Bridges walked away from the accident with only minor injuries and a cautionary tale certain to have given aspiring trainees a severe case of the willies.

4) Driver Survives Tsunami Deluge

2011’s Tōhoku earthquake and resulting tsunami were two of history’s most tragic natural disasters, leaving an immense death toll and innumerable displaced citizens in its wake. Many who experienced it were fortunate to walk away with their lives and a story to tell, but few actually managed to get it all on camera. In this particular video, one driver captured the sudden deluge with his dashboard-mounted camera. Watch as his car bobs up and down in the water along with other random detritus before eventually submerging. What makes this footage truly eerie is that it begins as a seemingly uneventful day, proving that disaster strikes when one least expects it.

5) Skydiver Survives 5,000 Foot Drop

We’ve all had nightmares where we’re falling from a great height, but unlike the skydiver in this video, he didn’t have the luxury of, at worst, waking up with a racing heart and cold sweats. His parachutes ineffective, Michael Holmes was rendered helpless as he plummeted towards the ground below, recording every moment of what may very well have been his last few minutes on Earth. Miraculously, Holmes survived a 5,000 foot drop, though that is far from saying his waving goodbye into the camera still doesn’t give us chills.

Which video do you think is the most unbelievable?

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