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The 7 Best Video Game Remixes

The 7 Best Video Game Remixes

Video games themes are already some of the best music out there, but when you have fantastic artists remixing that music, it's like bacon for the ears. Here are some of our favorite tracks put out by mega nerds!

1. "The Legend of Zelda" by Zedd. Give this house tune a little time. It gets more and more earworm-y as it builds and eventually you're out on the Bridge of Eldin dancing it out.

2. "Serious Coin" by Nostalgia. Not a straight up remix per se, but using vocal tracks from Mario games gives this one a spot. Watch out—it'll get stuck in your head.

3. "Tetris" by Electrixx. Taking the Tetris theme from 1988, Electrixx puts all the right pieces together in this remix.

4. "Pipes" by Seventh Epic. Let's get a Super Mario Bros. rock remix in here! This song by Seventh Epic features some pretty awesome guitar.

5. "The Sound of the Galaxy" by Another Soundscape. This Mass Effect 2 remix is airy and distant, and pretty darn cool.

6. "Just a Little More" by DarkeSword. Turns out, Metroid Prime remixes well into dreampop...or whatever this song is.

7. "Monstrous Turtles!" OC ReMix. This epic remix of the Koopa Castle music from Super Mario World builds to soaring levels.

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