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7 Worst Mistakes Villains Ever Made

7 Worst Mistakes Villains Ever Made

In most good stories, the villain is one of the most memorable parts. Who doesn't think of Voldemort when Harry Potter is mentioned? Or Sauron when Lord of the Rings is mentioned? Or the Joker when The Dark Knight comes up?

Unfortunately, some of the best villains actually ended up saving the day by...making pretty common sense mistakes. Take a gander at these 7 big ones:

1. Letting Gollum go.

Who did it: Sauron in The Fellowship of the Ring. Gollum, searching for The Ring, is captured in Mordor by Sauron's forces. He gives them important information ("Shire...Baggins...AWWCH"), and then they kill him of course.

One part of that last sentence doesn't belong.

Why it was stupid: Besides the fact that Gollum is another—if weak—contender for the Ring, and that if he ends up getting it he'll run away and hide again, Gollum is one of the few people who has actually found a back door into Mordor. Sauron should have at least covered his butt, if a flaming eye has a butt. Plus, why the frick not kill him?

2. Leaving the only thing that can defeat you behind for anyone to pick up.

Who did it: Loki in The Avengers, at the beginning of the battle of New York. Right after duking it out with his brother, Loki has to leave behind his staff to save his life. Turns out his staff is the only thing that can turn off the Tesseract and close the portal to the Chitauri holding tank, or wherever in space they were hanging out.

Why it was stupid: Granted, Loki had to leave because Thor was handing him his Ass-gardian behind. But instead of doubling back to get the staff, Loki just flies around the city watching the battle take place and catching arrows that explode in his face. In short, he's not Loki. He's loco.

3. Having random buckets of water sitting around your castle.

Who did it: The Evil Witch of the West (having "Witch" in your title apparently lowers your IQ) in The Wizard of Oz.

Why it was stupid: Dear Witch of the West: You know, apparently, that your only weakness is water. Having even one bucket of it in your lair is the equivalent of the President leaving buckets of acid around the White House. But even if you want to have it there, for emergencies, why decide to light the Scarecrow on fire? What did you expect Dorothy to do?

The funniest thing about this clip is you can hear the Wicked Witch saying "No, not the water!" Yet she stands there like a kid on a splash ride and takes the water full in the face.

4. Pointing your big, loud, bladed hover thing at a guy with spider sense while you're right behind him.

Who did it: The Green Goblin in Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Goblin are fighting it out and to be fair, it's not a bad fight. But then Goblin's nearly beat and he decides his only way to beat Spidey is to stab him with the blades on his flier.

Why it was stupid: Let's review the facts.

1. If Spider-Man moves, the speeder will keep going straight into Goblin.

2. Spider-Man has spidey senses; basically his number one power is dodging things. And Goblin knows that. How many times has he thrown things at Spider-Man throughout the movie only to have him dodge them? At least, like, two times.

Of course, everything about that character, from costume to evil plot, was stupid. Except the Willem Dafoe casting.

5. Explaining your plan to a robot who records everything.

Who did it: Dick Jones in RoboCop, when RoboCop goes to arrest the perpetrator of all the violence.

Why it was stupid: Sure, he may have thought if his mini-AT-ST shot RoboCop many times the files would be destroyed, but that's not really technologically sound. Plus, he knows how RoboCop works—he's works for the company that made him. He has no excuses!

6. Inserting the very thing that gives you your power in your main enemy's lover.

Who did it: Aldrich Kilian in Iron Man 3, the more disappointing of the two metal-named superhero movies this year. Kilian captures Pepper Potts and injects her with the Extremis virus, which will make her a nearly-unstoppable powerhouse of heat energy like him and his lackeys.

Why it was stupid: He really had no reason to give Pepper such power, first of all—he said she was his trophy, but she's not going to stay tied up very long if she can just burn her way through the restraints. And in the end, she killed him.

7. Telling your enemies where your biggest weakness is in order to catch them.

Who did it: Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi, as part of his final plot: "Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design." Palpatine feeds intelligence of the new Death Star and how it's defended to the Rebel—and it's defended, specifically, by a shield generator.

Why it was stupid: If you're trying to lure someone into a trap, why not use a fake bait? It would have been easy for the Emperor to trick the Rebels into attacking a fake shield generator or setting up multiple shield generators, but he tells them the location of the real one. Of course, we know what ends up happening—the Ewoks show up and turn the whole thing around, and the Empire falls because of a dumb Emperor and a bunch of warlike teddy bears.

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