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The Top 15 Most Badass Celebrities



Robert Downey Jr.

Iron Man 3 begins with a flashback to Tony Stark's life in 1999. Predictably, it was as awesome and glamorous as ever. Robert Downey Jr.'s life in 1999, however, was a different story. A troubled child star with a dicey past, Downey Jr. lived through an awful and public flameout, and many people wrote the poor guy off for good. But our dude was way to badass to go gently into that dark night. He kicked himself into shape, and emerged not only better than ever, but with a new swagger that practically has its own gravitational field. He's about the only guy who could dub himself a "weapon of mass seduction" and sound like Prince Charming instead of a total sleazeball. Good to have you back, Robz.

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