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The Top 15 Most Badass Celebrities

By Becky Ferreira Jul 1, 2013

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Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi has played some of the weirdest characters in all of cinematic history, and he's nailed every role. He's often typecast as a bumbling, submissive outsider, but the real-live Buscemster is just the opposite. This grade-A mensch worked as a New York City firefighter for several years before his acting career took off, and worked tirelessly to help first responders in the wake of both 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. Know what else? Buscemi once tried to stop a bar fight between Vince Vaughn and some drunk dudes, and got badly injured for his heroism. He's clearly a man who steps up to the plate when needed, even if it puts him in harm's way.

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