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Uncle Jay Reviews The Hunger Games

Uncle Jay Reviews The Hunger Games

Everybody has that one older relative who thinks they're cool and "with it," but... let's face it... just ISN'T. Well, our's is Uncle Jay, and he's decided to give us his take on newer film releases. We think you'll find his interpretations interesting. To say the very least.

Hey everybody, it's me, Uncle Jay, a.k.a, your favorite uncle! (P.S.- don't tell Uncle Stan I said that! can if you want to :))

This past Saturday afternoon, I paid a visit to my most favorite-est niece, Meghan. We HAD planned a big day out while her Mom was away (Italian ice and a few rounds of extreme mini golf were definitely on the agenda) but it turned out that Meghan was in more of a "sit on the couch, roll her eyes for no clear reason and text nonstop to someone whose name I don't want to share with you, Uncle Jay" kind of mood. No probs, though. I get it! This gave us a perfect chance to watch the brand new movie, The Hungry Games, premiering this week on pay-per-view.

“Finally,” I thought, “a story about one of the most fascinating topics in modern sports: competitive eating.”

Turns out that Hungry Games was not about competitive eating, but was instead about a dystopian future world in which kids fight each other to the death once a year for the amusement and satisfaction of a violently oppressive regime that rules the entire earth with totalitarian ruthlessness.

Alrighty, then! That sounds like fun, Meghan. (Thanks for the earful. Geez!)

The main character in this movie is a young girl named Katnips. She's a brawny girl who wears prairie dresses, hunts with a bow and arrow and stares intently. I joked that she was a lot like Meghan, but that Katnips smiles more. Meghan didn't like that comment much, but I found it humorous. (What can you do? I get it!)

In the story, Katnips has a pale mopey little sister (who I didn't much like, to be honest with you) who gets picked to be in the Hungries. Katnips volunteers to take her sister's place, which I thought was very big of her (I did not like that girl!) I got a little lost during this part... Meghan's mom called at this point to remind me not to let Meghan order movies like Hungry Games on pay-per-view. (Uh oh! Guess UJ loses that round...)

Katnips and her boyfriend Peter compete for scraps of food and lotion in little jars that come down from the sky on parachutes. Weird, right? There are other kids, too, but they aren't around for long so I didn't really pay much attention to them. I did notice the one blonde guy was real mean and so was the blond girl. So true! (I get it!)

The Hungry Kids use everything from swords to arrows to giant hornets to off each other, which is very imaginative, but seemed awfully violent to me, until Meghan pointed out that the story takes place in the future, making the violence justified. That made me feel better. Meghan is one smart cookie.

Anyway, all's well that ends well, and in the end, Katnips wins the Hungries!

The moral of The Hungry Games: it pays to volunteer for new things.

How else will you get to make new friends? Sure, maybe Katnips had to kill many of them, but in the end she is so happy to win she actually smiles (which is more than I can say for Meghan). Again, with the eye rolling!

In the end, things ended on an upbeat note with UJ and Meghan. Which reminds me, I need to send a “text” my lady friend, Cheryl. We are going to meet up at the Cinnabon in a few. Still haven't figured out how to do everything with this crazy phone, but I did manage to download a pic of a squirrel wearing a tuxedo my nephew Kevin sent me. Major lol! I laughed so hard when I saw that darn squirrel Diet Rite shot rite out of my nose!

I'll be back with more to report soon. Going to see the new Revengers movie this weekend with my nephew Tucker. It's a movie with dozens of superheroes, including the Iron Man of Steel and Mrs. Spiderlady. Can't wait!


Everybody's favorite Uncle, Jay

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