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Break out Your Wallets, Matt Smith's Car is for Sale!

Break out Your Wallets, Matt Smith's Car is for Sale!

Hurry up and get that extra job Masterminds, because something pretty cool is up for auction on eBay this week. It may not be Doctor Who’s most famous vehicle, but Matt Smith’s first car, a 2000 Vauxhall Corsa Club, is up for sale right now. You can check out the listing here.

It’s a little two-door hatchback that’s at least partially held together with tape, but think of all the Matt Smith particles just floating around in there! This is the obvious choice for anyone looking to clone him. You can even go to YouTube to hear Smith talk about this very car (for about twenty seconds) on an old episode of the British auto show, Top Gear. Mention of the car stats at the 3:10 mark. Best of all, the whole thing is for charity, so you can waste money on a junky car without feeling guilty.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. First of all, our quick-and-dirty research suggests you should expect to pay $2-10k getting the thing shipped over to the States. It depends on how carefully you want them to treat it, but let’s face it, it’s a 13 year old compact, so a few more dings aren’t going to hurt anything. On top of that, the listing has been configured to not accept bids from outside the UK, which seems insane to us, since America (and Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qutar, etc.) is known for being full of folks willing to drop huge money on a rare and celebrity-touched car. By the way, we know about the UK-only thing because we actually tried to place a bid. (Hey—the price is really reasonable, for now.)

If, by some stroke of geographic luck, you happen to live in the UK, well, then we aren’t sure what you are still doing here. Get out there and buy that thing, and then report back to us about how it smells!

How much would you be willing to bid for the Matt Smith-mobile? If you could own any celebrity’s first car, who would it be?

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