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20 Signs You're Having a Geeky Summer

20 Signs You're Having a Geeky Summer

Summer is the geek’s season for hibernation. With no school to occupy the days, these four-eyed creatures are free to retreat into their basements lairs and pass time by reading, gaming, and hosting 24-hour Doctor Who viewing marathons. Occasionally, the geeks will venture out into public for a midnight movie premier or county-wide LARPing tournament. But even on those rare occasions, the summer air is thick with allergens and the geeks must quickly retreat back to safety.

If this describes your summer so far, welcome to The Kingdom of The Geeks! If you’re not totally positive that you qualify yet, glance through these other 20 Tell-Tale Signs that You’re Having a Geek Summer:

1. You make s’mores over a Bunsen burner

2. Your favorite picnic game is Quidditch

3. You make your own fireworks by mixing sulfur, charcoal, and nitrate

4. Your cooler is filled with dry ice

5. You judge cannonball contests by using a barometer to measure sum water displacement

6. Instead of a countdown to summer vacation, you have a countdown to the first day of school

7. Your favorite part of family vacation is the museums

8. Forget the pool; you practically swim in sunscreen

9. You go to baseball games and cheer for the statistician

10. You ding-dong-ditch your math teacher’s house NOT to prank him, but because you miss seeing his face

11. Your self-declared summer job is “Batman”

12. You finished your summer readings weeks ago… and have moved onto summer fan fiction writing

13. Instead of a tan, you’re rocking a washed-out glow from hours of sitting in front of a computer screen

14. You wear a bowtie to pool parties because “classy doesn’t take a break!”

15. You go to the beach to take soil samples and measure PH levels

16. You abbreviate “barbeque” as B^2Q

17. Your summer romance got all muddled up when Princess Lea found out about Zelda

18. There may be no cure for the summertime blues… but you’ll keep conducting tests, anyways

19. Your favorite summer music festival involved fiddles, accordions, bagpipes, AND dubstep

20. You’re sitting inside reading articles on The MindHut!

How are you keeping your summer geeky?

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