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Best Fake Movie Trailers on YouTube

Best Fake Movie Trailers on YouTube

Through the magic of Hollywood moviemaking, we are able to watch epic tales unfold on a big screen before us. Yet, for as ridiculous and outlandish as some actual films can be, fan-concocted “dream movies” are much more wild. To see what we’re talking about, enjoy this collection of YouTube’s 5 Most Epic Fake Movie Trailers!

Dora The Explorer

We’re starting off strong by proving that a well-cut Hollywood movie trailer can make ANYTHING seem epic! This clip from our friends at College Humor takes the children’s show Dora The Explorer and turns it into a summer blockbuster! In theory, this concept should be even more ridiculous than pretending, on an educational program, that “Dora” rhymes with “explorer.” But because of the expert editing, we’re actually excited to see this movie that doesn’t exist! Es muy comico!

The Oregon Trail

The next movie is based on another childhood memory: The Oregon Trail! Well, not the ACTUAL Oregon Trail… unless you’re wayyyyy too old to be reading this article? In which case, you probably don’t even know what a “movie” is. And also, you may not remember who YOU are. And has anyone seen the cat? My teeth are made of brass! Okay, crazy. Settle down and watch the trailer, anyways. It’s funny.


It may sound simple at first, but when you think about it, this basic story has all the elements of a blockbuster hit! There’s an underdog hero, scary ghosts, and the obvious sex appeal that comes along with adding a red bow to a yellow semi-circle… hot! Okay, so maybe it still doesn’t sound great. But this trailer makes it look that way.

Angry Birds

This smartphone ap’s shining achievement was proving that, with the help of wildly advanced technology, our generation is capable of becoming even stupider than the one before us! The best part is that this fake trailer was made AS A JOKE in 2011 and now Sony has an ACTUAL Angry Birds movie in production for 2016. Face, meet palm.

Red Rover

In this video, Red Rover is depicted with the same intensity as classic sports films like Miracle and Rocky. Also, it’s totally not biased that the trailer was created by the author of this article who, coincidentally, is incredibly handsome and sometimes he fights lions.

What movie trailer would you like to see made?

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