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15 Mythological Beings Who Could Defeat Superman


We have a feeling this one will be controversial. How could a superficial, lazy goddess like Aphrodite fight Superman? Wouldn't she be too afraid of breaking a nail? The answer is yes, she would be, but not all wars are won with weapons. Remember that Aphrodite is more than beautiful: she is transcendent. Her radiance is a constant source of conflict between the Olympian gods because nobody can look at her without getting all moon-eyed. This problem is exacerbated both by her son Eros (Cupid) always flying around shooting people with his godforsaken arrows, and by her apparent inability to remain clothed for more than two seconds at a time. We already know Superman is not immune to love, and there's no way he would be immune to the goddess of love. And that would be his end, because Aphrodite is not all sunshine and bunny rabbits. Let's not forget that she started the Trojan War as a vanity project, and then she watched the carnage unfold for fun. Superman, get ready to have a crazy ex-girlfriend.

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