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15 Mythological Beings Who Could Defeat Superman

The Aswang

The Filipino Aswang is a cross between a vampiric demon on steroids and a shapeshifting nightmare (also on steroids). It is some awful, unholy combination of everything you are scared of, plus it can fly using its armpit oil — maximum gross. It has two equally disturbing strategies: possess a victim and kill others through the avatar, or kidnap a victim and send a freaking doppelganger back to his/her family while the original is eaten in the woods (the Aswang is said to be particularly fond of the liver — maximum creepy). This means that not only could the Aswang manipulate Superman by possessing Lois Lane or Jimmy Olsen — can you imagine a demonic Jimmy Olsen? — but it could also send a duplicate Superman back to civilization. Excuse us while we shudder for 10 straight minutes.

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