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15 Mythological Beings Who Could Defeat Superman


In happier times, Superman and the Maori trickster god Maui might have a lot to bond over, given that they both have hefty abandonment issues. Maui's mother thought he was a stillborn and threw him into the sea, and even after the infant god was rescued by ocean deities, Mama Maui's was still a thumbs-down parent. But if the chips were down and Maui and Superman had to fight, Maui would have the upper hand because of his relationship with the sun. Basically, the sun is Maui's butt-monkey. This one time, Maui and his pals were peeved at it because they wanted the days to be longer, so he forcibly restrained the sun using his grandma's jaw bone. The sun slowed down accordingly, and it would definitely quit shining if instructed to do so. That would cut off Superman's power source — night, night, Man of Steel.

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