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Which Doctor Should You Cosplay As?

Which Doctor Should You Cosplay As?

What’s more awesome than talking about/watching/thinking about Doctor Who? COSPLAYING as The Doctor! This is not an easy task to undertake, but it can be a whole lot of fun if you know how to do it right. The most important part of your decision to cosplay as The Doctor is picking the right Doctor to cosplay as! It comes down to matching your own personality and physicality to the role as much as possible. This will go a looooong way to making your portrayal of the Doctor that much more realistic—and awesome!  Luckily for you, Masterminds, we’ve got the cosplay playbook when it comes to all things Whovian. Allons-y!

The Fourth Doctor

Seen as the most alien (ha!) and goofy of all the Doctors’ incarnations, the Fourth Doctor is a favorite of cosplayers everywhere. The Fourth Doctor knows that if the clothes maketh the man, then accessories make the Gallifreyan. His eccentric wardrobe, iconic curly hair and love of oversized neckwear makes him an excellent cosplay choice for those of us Whovians who are not vertically challenged.

Fourth Doctor Cosplay Checklist:

A love of XXL multicolored stripey scarves? Check.

Somewhat aloof and unpredictable?  Check.

Love a good trench coat? Check.

Partial to jelly babies? Check.

The Sixth Doctor

Known in fan circles as the Whovian answer to Grumpy Cat, the Sixth Doctor is not a Time Lord to be trifled with.  This is very apt, seeing as he loves accessorizing with a variety of cat-themed items. With his unflappable self-belief, pechant for patchwork, and his inability to suffer fools gladly, you’ll need platinum self-confidence and your best cravat to pull off the Sixth Doctor cosplay.

Sixth Doctor Cosplay Checklist:

Offbeat sense of humor? Check.

Multicolored wardrobe? Check.

Strong, somewhat dark personality? Check.

Cat Aficionado?  Check.

The Seventh Doctor

Proving that some incarnations of the Doctor are bigger on the inside, The Seventh Doctor uses his intelligence and charm to lure foes into a false sense of security. A pacifist to his very core, The Seventh Doctor would rather use his mind—a dangerous weapon in its own right—than any kind of real-world weapon. His whimsical wardrobe lends beautifully to cosplay.  And really, who hasn’t relished the idea of wearing that question-mark-sweater-and-panama-hat combo - with matching umbrella—just once?

Seventh Doctor Checklist:

Likes to wear their love of knowledge on their sleeve—or rather, sweater? Check.

Prefers to use smarts over weapons? Check.

Can pull off a panama hat? Check.

Is a pacifist at heart? Check.

The Tenth Doctor

Ricocheing somewhere between cheeky and vengeful, The Tenth Doctor is a Pandora’s Box of emotions. His delightfully fractured and sometimes frightening personality could only be the result of a millenium plus of time travel. The Gallifreyan who has done the most for trench-wearing-brainy-specs-toting, Converse-loving-hipsters everywhere, The Tenth Doctor is a Time Lord of both style and substance. Cosplaying as The Tenth Doctor says to the world “I’m a tall, somewhat neurotic hipster who loves time travel and I don’t care!” Huzzah!

Tenth Doctor Checklist:

Extroverted and cheeky? Check.

Loves a good suit? Check.

Tendency to be a bit emo? Check

Converse? Check.

The Eleventh Doctor

Manic yet cerebral, the Eleventh Doctor’s blend of characteristics make him a fascinating study. His addiction to fish fingers and custard is something that could only be understood with a PhD in Time Lord Studies. A true sartoralist with an eccentric streak, The Eleventh Doctor knows his fashion almost as well as he knows his foes. Who else would have the guff to pull off a bow tie, a fez and a stetson? Mercifully, River and Amy set him straight on the last one. You’ll need a keen eye, suspenders and your favorite bow tie to pull off the Eleventh Doctor’s unique look. (Fezzes optional).

Eleventh Doctor Checklist:

Bit of a spaz? Check.

Bow ties are cool? Check.

You wouldn’t like it when I’m angry? Check.

Floppy hair FTW? Check.

Which incarnation of The Doctor would you most like to cosplay as?

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