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6 Cosplays You'll Never See at Comic Con

6 Cosplays You'll Never See at Comic Con

This week, the mothership of all fan gathering arrives in the form of San Diego Comic Con, and that means one thing: cosplay! If you’ve ever been to one of these joints, then you know a large part of the social interaction consists of getting pictures of yourself taken with total strangers dressed up like awesome characters from comic books, genre TV, movies, video games, and on and on. (Sidenote: can you imagine a universe in which there was no photography allowed at Comic Con?)

But even for the geekiest of folks, there are some characters from beloved franchises that just don’t make them cut when it comes to cosplay. Here’s six cosplays we bet you’ll never, ever see at Comic Con, but maybe you should?

Lal- Data’s Daughter (From Star Trek: The Next Generation)
It’s so difficult for a Star Trek fan to dress up and not simply look like a Star Trek fan. But there are some amazing costumes out there. (Harry Mudd! The Borg Queen!) And yet, nobody attempts Data’s poor android daughter, Lal. Is she just too tragic? Would you have to walk around the whole time hitting your own chest, reenacting Lal’s super sad death scene? Maybe that exact hair cut would make people think you were Rachel from Blade Runner, instead.

Colin Creevey (from Harry Potter)
Other than maybe Slughorn, Colin Creevey has got to be the least popular Harry Potter character. Right? But a Colin Creevey cosplay would fit RIGHT IN at Comic Con. Imagine it: he’d be running around, snapping pictures every three seconds, complete with a giant grin on his face. If you were really slick, you’d even pass out every once and awhile, simulating your run-in with Tom Riddle.

The Mid-Wife Droid (From Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith)
Droid cosplay is sort of scarce in general at these kinds of cons, but think about the tragic nature of dressing up as one of those mid-wife droids who soothes Padme Amidala as she gives birth to Luke and Leia. What is it they say? “Omm-pah…Omm-pah.” I bet anyone with a little ingenuity could craft that scoop-arm thing out of a wiffleball racket and a little love. (The kind of love Padme lost.)

Steve Zissou (from The Life Aquatic)
We understand The Life Aquatic isn’t really a genre film, but it kind of feels like one. A Jaguar Shark? Bill Murray AND Jeff Goldblum? The fact that it feels like an alternate universe? This one would be so easy, and so much fun. Red cap and Speedo. DONE.

Janine Melnizt (Ghostbusters)
We’ve seen plenty of Gozers, Ghostbusters, a Vigo, and even a Dana Barrett here and there at comic cons before, but we’ve never seen a Janine. Those big glasses are SO hip right now, plus, if you could carry around a phone, constantly saying, “Ghostbusters! Whady’a Want?” everyone would love you. Bonus points if your friend dresses up a Louis Tully.

The Face of Boe (Doctor Who)
Don’t tell me it’s not possible. What? You can’t figure out how to look like a giant disembodied head inside of a giant tank? Not listening! Figure it out! Are the little tendril/dreadlock things to difficult for you? DON’T CARE. Do you even know who the Face of Boe is? Let’s get real, he’s everyone’s favorite Doctor Who character. (Truth: he’s no one’s.) And yet, we have the image of someone doing the perfect Face of Boe and being totally wowed. Maybe this costume would be a little bit more abstract. Think about it.

What weird, obscure/cosplays would you like to see?

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