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We Got to Interview the Cast and Crew of DIVERGENT!

The dream-tastic Theo James plays Four. The first surprise for us was that, despite being from England, his American accent was PERFECT. Also, despite being a straight up Foxy-McHeart Throb, he approached his character with a little more nuance and compexity:

"He's not afraid to demonstrate what he's afraid of, and ironically I think that makes him more masculine and tougher in a funny way. One of my favorite things in the book and in the movie is when they're on the ferris wheel and Tris says 'what, are you scared of heights?' and he doesn't shy away from it. He says 'yeah, of course I am. Everyone's afraid of something.' And that's the concept I loved: bravery's not about being fearless, it's about HOW you deal with things that are scary."

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