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Hailee Steinfeld Nails It at Comic Con

Hailee Steinfeld Nails It at Comic Con

With all the insane cosplay and the cavalcade of celebs at Comic-con, it takes a lot to impress, but that's just what Hailee Steinfeld did by rocking some seriously geeked-out nails at the event this past weekend.

The Academy Award nominee, who was in attendance to promote the highly anticipated Ender's Game, proudly bore a colorful ode to pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, one of the most innovative painters of the twentieth century, who employed bold colors and nods to 50's comic book art in his work. The nails in question can be seen here, and if that intrigues you, we recommend checking out our recent slideshow feature on the Nerdy Nail Art of Kayleigh O'Conner.

Do these nails inspire you to try a quirky nail treatment of your own? If they do send us pics!

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