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This Guy's Pixar Theory Will Blow Your Mind

This Guy's Pixar Theory Will Blow Your Mind

In what may be the most random way to spend free time ever, this guy named Jon Negroni came up with a theory that every Pixar movie is connected to every other Pixar movie. That's right: Negroni theorizes that Cars, Toy Story, Wall-E, Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., and that one with the ginger Katniss in it all exist in the same universe.

Inspired by this video, Negroni says he started "obsessing" over the idea of connecting all the Pixar films into a single narrative. When he finally did it, we imagine he danced for an hour while whispering, "I am so awesome."

The theory is really crazy and at points somewhat stretched, but it makes sense in a strange way. Let's see if we can sum it up well for those of you who don't have time to read it all.

  • In Brave, the witch's magic gave animals (namely bears) and inanimate objects (the carving tools in her kitchen) sentience. Like, they slowly became more and more intelligent because of her magi-meddling.
  • This explains why animals can talk in Finding Nemo, Bug's Life, Ratatouille and kinda-sorta in Up. It also explains why inanimate objects like toys have sentience in Toy Story. (Most of us have just accepted, since we were little kids reading The Berenstain Bears, that animals can talk in certain stories. Not Jon Negroni. He needs a concrete reason.)
  • So then, the whole Pixar story is really about a struggle between the three different kinds of sentient life; humans, animals, and machines (robots, toys, etc.).
  • The machines really don't like the humans, as evidenced by the Omnidroid in The Incredibles, Sid's toys and later Lotso Huggin' Bear from the Toy Story trilogy, and the robots running the Axiom in Wall-E. They create Buy 'N' Large, the huge corporation in Wall-E, to get the humans off the planet.
  • The humans leave Earth before the events of Wall-E, and the machines run the place. This is when the events of Cars and Cars 2 take place--the humans are off-planet, but the machines have basically re-created society without humans.
  • Take a second now, process, and remember to blink. The human eye doesn't blink enough when it's staring at a computer screen, so look somewhere else for a little bit.
  • Ready?
  • Okay.
  • The animals, meanwhile, inter-breed and evolve and end up creating, far in the future, the society of monster-like creatures from Monster's Inc. and Monster's University.
  • It turns out machines and animals still need humans to survive. The machines never realized that, and that's why most of them have died out by the time Wall-E comes around. Wall-E the character has only stayed alive because...he watches human musicals, or something whatever.
  • The animals (now monsters) learn that they need humans to stay alive from the machines' mistake, so they develop technology--the doors into little kids' bedrooms--that allow them to go back in time. The human's scream, or, as it turns out, any human influence like laughter, powers their society and keeps them alive.
  • I know, crazy, right?
  • Negroni and some of the readers also make some other weird but-they-kind-of-make-sense inferences:
  1. Chef Skinner, the villain of Ratatouille, ended the movie possessing the knowledge that animals are sentient. Negroni says he may have passed this knowledge on to Charles Muntz from Up, who used it to create collars for his dogs that can speak thoughts.
  2. Randall being sent to Florida in the end of Monster's Inc. may have led to his power being discovered by Edna Mode from The Incredibles, inspiring her creation of the invisible suit.
  3. Also, Negroni thinks the witch from Brave is Boo from Monster's Inc. You'll have to read the post to figure out how they came up with that one.
  4. And so much more. You should really read the post to get the whole experience.

So there you have it, boys and girls! The whole Pixar universe is an epic of Biblical proportions and Jon Negroni and his readers probably spent way more time thinking about this than Pixar's team did.

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