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21 Mind-Blowing Superpowers in the Animal Kingdom

9. The Whale

If you have ever had the pleasure of swimming with whales, you know that their first and foremost superpower is being the most Zen'd out animals on Earth. They truly behave like wise, oceanic Buddhas who have it all figured out, but aren't jerks about it. But the whale superpower we think would come most in handy is their incredible musical ability. Whale songs are intricately composed, and can be heard by fellow whales thousands of miles away. With whale-power, we could do away with Skype, and just send a personalized tune to update our distant friends and family on our lives. In the last few hundred years, however, whales have had trouble communicating over vast distances because of all the ambient noise humans create on the oceans. Check out this charity if you want to help protect the whales' long-distance phone calls to each other.

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