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21 Mind-Blowing Superpowers in the Animal Kingdom

16. The Ant

Ever been forced to call a tow truck after your car broke down? Guess what: with ant power, you could have just as easily picked it up and walked it to a mechanic. Ants can lift objects up to 100 times heavier than their own weight! If we could do the same, the average human could juggle elephants if the desire struck them (we're guessing the elephants wouldn't be thrilled, however). Some species are equipped with additional superpowers, like flight or a nasty bite. But one advantage all ants share? Telepathy. These critters embed complex messages in their pheromones, which is why they have such an astonishingly organized social structure. Their hive-mind civilization has proven to be extraordinarily successful — ants have colonized almost every landmass on Earth.

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