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5 Totally Creepy Commercials

5 Totally Creepy Commercials

The purpose of a commercial is to entice people to buy your product, right? This doesn't always work out. In fact, there are some commercials that fail so hard that they end up creeping the audience out, instead! While we’re always one for changing the channel during commercial breaks, here are five totally creepy ads that are so disturbing, you might not even be able to summon the courage to reach for the remote!

1) PlayStation 3

When we say burgers, you think barbecue. When we say roller coaster, you think amusement park. Yet when Sony says baby doll possessed by a demon, we’re supposed to think the next generation of console gaming. It’s only human that we have an aversion to hellish playthings, but maybe our narrow-minded fear is preventing us from understanding the true intent of this commercial. Maybe the ad’s supposed to be one of those endorsement deal things, like the PlayStation 3 is the console of choice for evil toys everywhere. If that’s the case, then, by all means, help yourself to our money!

2)Post Sugar Rice Krinkles

What’s the one thing—aside from the dentist and costumed mascots—that nearly all children have an irrational fear of? Clowns. What does Post use as a mascot for Sugar Rice Krinkles, thinking it would act as a quaint purchasing incentive? A clown. Because that’s what the kids definitely want to see first thing in the morning on TV: a pale-faced, swollen-nosed horror that isn’t shy when it comes to letting the world know he’s hungry (and a clown that hasn’t eaten in eight hours isn’t pretty). Still, as terrifying as the clown is, the delivery of his lines is so natural you’d swear he wasn’t reading them off the cue cards! Let it never be uttered we don't give clowns credit where it's due—in spite of our fear.

3) Nintendo Entertainment System (Australia)

So what this commercial’s trying to say is that Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s board of directors are actually a group of poorly rendered video game characters that relish the act of tearing apart our fragile self-esteem? Yes, we totally called it! You owe us a steak dinner now—at the place with the good ketchup!

4) Hostess Cupcakes

Getting the obvious out of the way first, yeah, that doll is like something ripped right out of the movie, Child’s Play (whose brilliant idea was it to have that in an ad aimed at children?). But looking back at this commercial after 15 years, you realize that something is seriously wrong with that kid if he gets his kicks from teasing dolls with rubber snack cakes. Are his parents even aware of this or do they just block it out and go about their lives like everything’s okay?

5) Parental Alcohol Use PSA

While it isn’t pitching an actual product, this PSA from Finland actually drives home a powerful message about parental alcohol use in a clever—if not outright terrifying—illustration of their point. To be fair, each monstrous parent in the commercial is scarier than the last, but that creeper Santa Claus is horrifying in that sleazy kind of way. If his black-and-white-striped tank top is anything to go by, it looks as though Kris Kringle busted out of the big house after a Christmas Eve DUI charge.

Which commercial do you think is the creepiest?

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