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The Most Viral Summer Movies of All-Time


Neil Blomkamp's 2009 sci-fi epic, District 9 was a heck of a film, but it never would have gone on to gross hundreds of millions worldwide or receive its worthy Oscar nomination without its incredibly effective ad campaign. The ads primarily consisted of road sign images like the one seen here that were made to look like the real thing. Giant billboards on highways bore similar graphics, saying things such as "Picking up Non-Humans is Forbidden - $10,000 fine," and "Beware! Non Humans Crossing." The dark film's story was inspired in great part by most countries' embarrassing history of segregation, and this was reflected in the ads as well, with clever ads that read "This Bus Bench for Humans Only," and even "This Seat is Reserved For Humans Only," which hung above subway seats. The ads were eye-catching and provocative to say the least.

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