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Check Out These Cool Google Tricks!

Check Out These Cool Google Tricks!

Google is a wise and powerful entity in which we should entrust our lives. The almighty search engine has already eliminated all need for pesky “thinking” or “remembering.” And if that’s not enough to make anyone love Lord Google, the site also has a sense of humor! Check out these fifteen fun tricks Google will generously performs to entertain us lowly beings.

1. Search “tilt” or “askew.” The results will leave you with a fun kink in your neck.

2. For a fun dance partner, type “2204355” and click “I’m feeling lucky.”

3. When you search “anagram,” Google cleverly asked if you meant, “nag a ram?” Which is witty, but also very dangerous because nagging a ram could result in an individual being headbutted by some very hard horns.

4. Type your crush’s name into the search bar and click “Im Feeling Lucky.” Most likely, nothing will happen… but it’s worth a shot.

5. Search “recursion” and receive the recursive response, “Did you mean recursion?”

6. When using Google Docs, if you create any new spreadsheet by pressing Shift+F2, you receive the encouraging message “Dragon slain! Congratulations, you’ve slain the dragon! ]B=8}”

7. Type “Google gravity” and click “I’m feeling lucky” then bask in the glory of demoting the internet down to our mere mortal level.

8. Now type “Google sphere” and click “I’m feeling lucky” to realize just how all-powerful and superior the internet really is.

9. Type “elgooG” and click “I’m Feeling Lucky.” You may think it creates a weird screen effect, but in actuality, it turns your eyes inside out.

10. Type “pacman google.” Click “I’m feeling lucky.” Win.

11. Google “google.” Then google “googling google.” Then google “googling googling google.” Then google “googling googling googling google.” Then turn off your monitor and stare into the black screen. The image of a very lonely individual will appear.

12. Type “Weenie Google” and click I’m feeling lucky. WARNING: DO NOT JUST SEARCH FOR “WEENIE” ON GOOGLE!!

13. For the opposite effect of the last trick, try typing “Epic Google” and clicking “I’m feeling lucky.”

14. Go into the Google language settings and chose “Pirate.” Ye be not disappointed.

15. Search “Zerg rush” and prepare for attack!

What other Google tricks do you know of?

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