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11 Killer Books Based on TV Shows


Ever wonder if there was a book that didn’t focus on any other interpretation of Sherlock Holmes other than the latest BBC version? Well, there is. Now, let’s be clear: we love ALL things Sherlock Holmes... but there’s only one Benedict Cumberbatch, and he is featured in this book on every other page. That is why the book is worth buying. Also because it has tons of behind-the-scenes details from the production team on how the show is brought to life each week, plus, it reexamines each case on the show through Sherlock’s notes and Watson’s blog, which is anything but elementary.

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Beth Mishler is a writer, producer, and pop culture connoisseur who has a weakness for the Whedonverse and all things sci-fi. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Beth currently lives in The Plains, Ohio, where she freelances, makes documentaries, and watches a kazillion hours of TV per week while anxiously awaiting the release of George R.R. Martin's next novel.

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