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Star Wars Meets Shakespeare: What's Not to Like?

Star Wars Meets Shakespeare: What's Not to Like?

Bend yon ears and open thine eyes, dear readers! It seems to be the new cool thing in books to take popular classics and put them in the pop culture blender. First it was Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, then it was Android Karenina, and now readers have the pleasure of reading a classic of science fiction retold in the style of William Shakespeare. This is obviously something we have all been pining for!

The basic story is essentially in tact. William Shakespeare's Star Wars faithfully reproduces the major moments of the original Star Wars film and makes them sort of Shakespearean. It is written like any of Shakespeare's plays, complete with the dramtis personae, separating every scene like in an Shakespearean script, and the use of fancy-pants terms like "exeunt." To make things more interesting, there are even a handful of really cool illustrations showing key moments in an of Elizabethan style.

But is it actually good? Well, it's not really as good as Shakespeare. This is definitely not going to be something we study in high schools in the years to come, but it provides exactly what it promises. You won't enjoy this if you take it super seriously, but if treated it with its intended tone of general silliness, Star Wars fans will almost certainly dig it.

That being said, it requires a certain kind of sense of humor. The amusement from it feels distinctly British, which is good since Shakespeare was... well, you know. British. Think Monty Python, if they tackled the Galactic Empire.

The highlights of the book are all of the soliloquies. The funniest and most surprising are those that come from R2-D2, who we usually can hear, but not actually understand. Where did Luke learn to speak bip-beep-bop-boop, anyway?

So if you like Star Wars, and want to chuckle at some good ol' fashion silliness, you would be doing yourself a favor by checking out William Shakespeare's Star Wars. Come to the dark side, we have frilly collars!

What movie would you like to see Sheakespeare-ized?

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