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QUIZ: Which Batman Villain Are You?

QUIZ: Which Batman Villain Are You?

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Batman's rogue gallery is considered the best in comics by just about everybody. While most of us prefer to think of ourselves as the good guys, there are those among us who prefer to be more villainous in our fictional fantasies. You know who you are: the type that plays as the Horde in Warcraft, or the Empire in Star Wars. For those of you who have an evil itch to scratch, we have come up with this quiz that asks the question: Which Batman villain are you? Hold your maniacal laughter until the end, please.

1) What were you doing before you became a super villain?

A) I was still a criminal, but a relatively minor petty crook, and far from a criminal mastermind.
B) I was working as a scientist for one of the biggest corporations in Gotham.
C) I was working as a psychiatrist.
D) I had very little in the way of a career before surfacing as a villain.
E) I was in law, and was well-respected as an attorney.

2) What is your primary motivation in crime?

A) I enjoy creating chaos for the sake of it.
B) I want revenge on Bruce Wayne after his company indirectly caused a family member to die.
C) I just enjoy the challenge of destroying people, but the money is a nice bonus.
D) Power. I want as much control as I can get, over as many people as possible.
E) I enjoy toying with the dichotomy between good and evil, and forcing my foes to think about the real difference between justice and injustice.

3) What caused you to become a villain instead of a hero?

A) During my previous job I was involved in an accident that caused me to be severely deformed and lose complete control of my mental state.
B) Losing a loved one drove me so mad with grief that I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
C) Being a hero simply isn't as fun; I get too much gratification out of seeing how far I can twist people.
D) I had a really bad childhood, and I was ostracized by my family. I guess it made me somewhat resentful.
E) I was a hero for a time, but eventually my spirit was broken when I realized that there was no such thing as real justice.

4) What’s your preferred method of disposing of your enemies?

A) Whatever is handy, mostly, but I prefer anything with a bit of panache.
B) I designed a special weapon that can destroy everything from a single person to a whole city. It’s really COOL.
C) I don’t tend to go for direct brutality, as I would rather destroy a person’s mind. If that person happens to knock out my other enemies on my behalf, that’s just a bonus.
D) I generally use my collection of subordinates to do my bidding for me, but have been known to use a gun from time to time when need be.
E) Once I decide to actually kill somebody, I like an old fashioned handgun.

5) What is your preferred costume?

A) I like anything with bright colors, though usually a suit.
B) Something futuristic, such as big scientifically-advanced armor.
C) Between jobs I dress in a suit, but when have fun I prefer to pretend every day is Halloween.
D) I dress fairly normally for a crime lord, though I’m always wearing gloves and usually a top hat.
E) I almost always wear the same suit, mostly because it reminds people of who I am.

Final Results:

Mostly As: You are none other than the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker. You’re a villain because you enjoy causing anarchy, and you like to see Batman sweat. Sure, you might have a sad past that led you onto the path of crime, but none of that is really a concern of yours now. It’s just too much fun being evil!

Mostly Bs: You are the tragic Mr. Freeze, who is constantly trying to get revenge on Bruce Wayne for his company’s cold refusal to invest in technology that could have saved your dying wife. You theme everything around the cold, as an accident makes you wear a futuristic suit to keep you from getting too warm.

Mostly Cs: You are everyone’s favorite psychiatrist, The Scarecrow. You enjoy messing with people’s minds, most of all, and can’t help but make a buck here and there. Even if you had all the money you could ever need, you’d still keep up with crime because it’s a wonderful challenge to break someone’s mind, piece by piece.

Mostly Ds: You are the ostracized child, The Penguin. Your parents abandoned you and you turned to crime as a means of forcing people to be around you, essentially. Through the power you’ve gained as one of Gotham’s biggest crime lords, you have tons of people who do what you say. More than your stupid parents can really say.

Mostly Es: You are the coin-flippin’ Two-Face. You became a villain after you couldn’t see the point in being a hero anymore, as you believe the only real justice is pure chance. You capture people, flip a coin, and let that decide whether your victims live or die. You’ve tried to come back to the side of good a couple times, but it never seems to work out in the end.

Which Batman villain are you?

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