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X-Men: Days of Future Past Gets Viral With Trask Industries Website

X-Men: Days of Future Past Gets Viral With Trask Industries Website

May 23rd of next year is a long time coming when waiting around for the next highly anticipated installment to the X-Men film franchise—Days of Future Past—but in the interim, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox launched an innovative and interesting viral campaign last week to keep our collective interest piqued. Creating a website for the film’s fictional (and villainous) corporation, Trask Industries, we fans are given plenty of insight into the company’s line of mutant-hunting Sentinel robots as well as a video of Peter Dinklage in action as the company’s xenophobic founder: Bolivar Trask!

Immediately logging into the website, one can’t help but feel unnerved by the pretense of benevolence that belies the genocidal and tyrannical intent of Trask Industries, this disconcertion perpetuated by images of overt (and aggressive) anti-mutant propaganda and photos depicting Sentinel robots presiding over key moments in late 20th century American history. All this in combination with the Sentinels’ tech specs, and statistical figures that subtly demonize the mutant population, that pepper Trask Industries’ website all allude to the serious tone Days of Future Past will no doubt exude.

Then there's '70s Dinklage! The hair. The 'stache. You can find faux-archival footage of Bolivar here, busily conducting research in a PR effort to paint him as the grandiose man of science sworn to eliminating the X-Gene once and for all. Granted, the video is a scant few seconds long and possibly the only preview footage we’ll be seeing at this point in time (oh, boo!), though there is a brief commercial celebrating 50 years of Trask Industries to tide you over until May 2014 rolls around!

Will you be seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past?

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