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8 Things Nolan Got WRONG With Batman

8 Things Nolan Got WRONG With Batman

It's been more than a year since Nolan's trilogy ended and Batman is already returning to the screen, because face it: You can drop the Dark Knight, fear gas the Dark Knight, cover the Dark Knight in lighter fluid and set him on fire, break his back, stab him, and and bomb him, but he will still keep coming back.

Unlike some people, we're really excited to see Batman taken in a new direction, because while we loved Nolan's trilogy... it fell away from the comics in many areas. So here's eight things Nolan got wrong about Batman's universe we want to see Batman vs. Superman get right:

Commissioner Gordon shouldn't be so boring. When rewatching the Dark Knight trilogy, one thing continues to baffle us: 1) we love Gary Oldman and 2) we love Jim Gordon, we 3) hate Nolan's incarnation of Commissioner Gordon. It may be because he's too self-righteous, too impotent, or too boring, but he doesn't do justice to Jim Gordon in the comics. Read Batman: The Black Mirror or Batman: Year One and you'll really fall in love with Commissioner Gordon. You'll also feel really bad for him, because honestly, his life sucks.

More Joker. More Two-Face. Both of these guys are villain mainstays in Batman's universe, and both of them died (one in real life, one in the movie) in The Dark Knight. Obviously, not all of this was Nolan's fault, but if/when they appear in the new Batman, they need to be around longer.

Batman's suit should be just a little less awkward. Don't get us wrong, Nolan's team did a great job making Batman's suit look like something in that might exist in the real world. The dramatic art that made Batman so iconic is really hard to adapt to film, buuuut Bale's suit still just didn't look that intimidating and sometimes it looked downright silly.

Canon Bat-vehicles. The Tumbler and The Bat aren't really in the comics. Yes, they resemble the Batmobile and the Batwing, but they're just not. Let's keep it cannon, Snyder!

An actual canon Robin. The strange, might we even say half-assed way Nolan introduced a Robin sort of character into the Dark Knight series just didn't really jive with the comics at all. Robin has been done very, very badly in the past, so we can understand why Nolan wanted to stay away from him, but we still say Robin can be done well!

An Alfred that looks like Alfred. We loved Michael Caine. But it seems like Hollywood is chronically unable to produce even a mustache on the Batler (get it? Bat-butler?). Michael Gough, the Alfred in Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher's movies, had the same issue.

A Batcave that Batman actually uses. Because as this guy points out, in Batman Begins it's not really done yet, in The Dark Knight it's being rebuilt and he uses a garage under a construction site, and in The Dark Knight Rises he uses it once or maybe twice? And then it's retired at the end. The Batcave is part of who Batman is—it's his sanctuary where he doesn't have to pretend to be a playboy and where no villain can find him. But apparently Nolan couldn't find him there either.

Can Gotham look more... Gotham? The first movie got the city's feel a'ight, and we respect Nolan's decision not to use CG for the second two, but Gotham City didn't feel as much like Gotham City because of it. Gotham should feel dark, dangerous, almost like a breeding ground for insanity. It's not a pretty place in the comics.

What do you want to see done differently (or the same) the next time Batman hits the big screen?

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